Sweetness In Innocence

Book Two of the Take me to Church Series

Innocence has never tasted so sweet….

Luka Thomas is leading a double life. Publicly, he is a God-fearing Christian with a loving girlfriend. What happens in the shadows of his reality tells a different story. Because of one boy, he has begun to question everything.

Harlan Sharp promised himself he wouldn’t fall for Luka, but he doesn’t know how to stop it. Each kiss, each touch, each gentle caress they share only leads him further toward revealing the secrets of his past and bearing his scars.

The nature of their relationship must be hidden from everyone. Luka’s family will disown him. His God will never forgive him.
It’s a sin that Luka isn’t ready to confess, but Limbo can’t last forever.

The Take me to Church Series is a dark, slow-burn, contemporary romance and may be disturbing to some readers so discretion is advised. For a more comprehensive list of trauma reminders present in the series, please see the inside of the book on the page labeled “Content Warning”. It is available in the pre-view. Spoilers may be present.

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