Born in Sickness

Book One of the Take me to Church Series

They told him he was born sick….

“Luka wonders if Harlan will taste as sinful as he looks. It suddenly dawns on him that Harlan is his forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. He understands Eve’s perspective now because if that apple looked as good as Harlan, then it’s no wonder she took a bite.”

Luka Thomas is a God-fearing Christian. When his family moves to the Bible Belt right before his senior year of high school, he knows he’ll blend right in. Sort of. Being gay is a sin, so he’s not gay. He’s just…experimenting.

Then he meets Harlan Sharp and begins to question everything he knew to be true.

Harlan stopped believing in fairytales when the darkest days of his past left him scarred, angry, and questioning God’s motives. He doesn’t trust anyone, let alone Luka, who reminds Harlan of the very same person who hurt him.

When blatantly ignoring all of Luka’s attempts at conversation doesn’t deter him, Harlan begins criticizing the one thing that Luka seems to believe wholeheartedly: his faith in God.

With Luka’s incredibly strict step-father pressuring him to date a girl, he desperately makes a deal, but at what cost to his budding relationship with Harlan?

The Take me to Church Series is a dark, slow-burn, contemporary romance and may be disturbing to some readers so discretion is advised. For a more comprehensive list of trauma reminders present in the series, please see the inside of the book on the page labeled “Content Warning”. It is available in the pre-view. Spoilers may be present.

Born in Sickness- Trailer

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