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Avoiding Hell is getting harder and harder for Luka Thomas. Because of one boy, he teeters somewhere between salvation and falling from grace. With the looming threat of his family disowning him, every day with Harlan is more risky than the last.

Harlan Sharp holds secrets close to his damaged heart, but Luka makes him forget all of the pain he’s endured. Facing his struggles with trust, he is finally ready to share his story with Luka. He just hopes the outcome doesn’t come at a cost.

After an emotional prom night spent with Harlan, Luka makes a confession that will change his life forever. The lies he’s woven suddenly rip apart, leaving him scared and vulnerable.

Will love be enough to keep him sane during his nightmare or will he turn his back on Harlan, praying for forgiveness and salvation?

The Take me to Church series is a real depiction of falling in love as a gay teen amidst the rampant homophobia of the south and the mental health issues many people face. It’s explicit in the way that life is. It’s raw, beautiful, and real. Readers will scream in anger and cry in pain, but also laugh in joy and healing as they grow with these characters.


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When L.M. Archer reached out to allow us to read her book, we were firstly really excited and secondly seriously appreciative. Between me and Jade, I am probably the one who loves a good soppy romance and loves a story that melts you. When I read the blurb for this book I was instantly excited as I knew it would be right up my street. Read more…..


Arm Cast Podcast interviews L.M. Archer
She talks about her book Cool for the Summer, inspirations, struggling with her sexuality and how she uses that in writing romance novels