Cool for the Summer

Unlike the average American college student, Gabriel Walker is not looking forward to his summer break from college. All of his friends are gone, with the exception of his roommate, Darien. He plans to spend the summer working to pay for his off-campus apartment, but all of that changes when Darien drags him to a house party held to kick off the summer break.

Xander Bennett is comfortable with his sexuality, and he isn’t afraid to show it. His biggest flaw is the fact that he seems to have a thing for straight men. When he meets Gabriel at a party hosted by mutual friends, he knows he should keep his distance, but what he knows and what he feels are two different things.

Gabriel thought he was straight, but Xander is making him question everything he thought he knew about himself. They spend the warm months getting to know each other, but the question plaguing both of their minds is ever-present. Is this a relationship that will last beyond the summer?

The steamy scenes paired with the self discovery of these characters will touch your heart, and the bit of drama will have you celebrating their happy ending