Gentleness in Sin

Book Four of the Take me to Church Series

In sin, there is gentleness…

“The light from the stained glass is painting him in intricate rainbow patterns, and Luka is the closest thing to an angel this church has ever seen.

After spending the summer in Hell, Luka Thomas is living in a constant state of confusion. Talking to his mom doesn’t help. Going to church doesn’t help. Praying doesn’t even help. Desperate to stay on the path to salvation, he hopes a new start in college will be the key.

Harlan Sharp didn’t know what to expect from his first day of college, but seeing Luka wasn’t on the list. Luka is a shell of the boy he fell in love with, but Harlan can’t give up on him. With a confidence he never knew he had, Harlan begins to deconstruct the one thing that is keeping them from being together: Luka’s restored faith in God.

When Luka’s life hangs in the balance, Harlan makes a drastic confession. Will it save Luka’s soul or send them both tumbling back to Hell?

Find out the epic resolution in the final book of the Take me to Church Series.

The Take me to Church Series is a dark, slow-burn, contemporary romance and may be disturbing to some readers so discretion is advised. For a more comprehensive list of trauma reminders present in the series, please see the inside of the book on the page labeled “Content Warning”. It is available in the pre-view. Spoilers may be present.

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